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About us

Youth center KAŅIERIS is the support for Riga's youth and youth organizations in the city :)
What are we doing?
  • we provide free-of-charge rooms/spaces and various resources for youth events and non-formal education activities
  • we advise young people about the implementation of their initiatives, participation and opportunities in European programs (Erasmus+ youth exchanges, voluntary work in Europe, etc.)
  • we create trainings for improving the competences of those involved in work with youth
  • we cooperate with schools, school authorities and other "players" in the field of youth
Young people can visit and organize their own activities in our youth center - workshops and talks on various topics (art, climate and environment, LGBTQ+, participation, travel, media literacy, cultural diversity, etc.), game and movie nights, project workshops, book clubs, sports activities etc.
You can find out about current events here: IG @kaniera15
Do you want us to go to your school and tell you about the opportunities for young people in Riga and Europe? - Easy! Write to us and we will discuss everything!
p.s. You can turn to KAŅIERIS even when you are completely confused and don't know where and what options to look for!:)
Come visit or DM to:
IG @kaniera15
FB @kanieris